The Bones Blog Carnival : Necromunda Dice.

When I read The Bones and saw they were doing a Blog Carnival, I figured I could contribute a story. About fifteen years ago, I used to play Necromunda, a Games Workshop game, with a couple of friends. One of these friends used a set of dice from the Necromunda box set, a pair of d6s. For those of you that don't know, Necromunda is a miniature game dealing with gangs set in the Warhammer 40k universe.

My friend was the least superstitious of the group, so when his dice went bad he never thought about it. After about six sessions where no matter the advantage in numbers or status effects, he couldn't win a match he began to have doubts. When the seventh match came and again he couldn't roll, he could no longer deny the dice were BAD. He set out to do something about it. He took the dice and put them in the bottom of an empty coffee tin. He then put an inch of lighter fluid in it and proceed to light it on fire.

When we met for the eight match, he pulled them out of his dice bag: a sludge of black and white plastic. He then used some new dice he bought for the occasion which worked better. The following session though I noticed the plastic sludge still in the dice bag. I asked him about it and he responded, "It teaches the other dice a lesson."

I have been enjoying reading other people stories of dice. I would recommend you check out The Bones, Us and Our Dice with a number of stories from various people in the gaming industry.