Experience Points and why they sometimes suck.

I was listening to the recent Return to Northmoor podcast and they discussed the topic of experience points relating to Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition. Well, on the podcast they said that the plan of 4e is to level after approximately 13 encounters. I am the typical busy family man and we play 4e every other week and at most get through 3 encounters during a session. That would mean it play a year and not miss a week, the party would be around 7th level. I know the Dungeon Master Guide describes a couple of methods to increase this, like doubling XP. That still means the party only makes 14th level. That sucks.

On the show, they discussed leveling ever session, especially when you only meet ever other week. I think this is an awesome idea. I used to be against this philosophy since it was breaking the designer's intention. But considering it this morning during my workout, I have come to the conclusion that it is a lot cooler for the players to experience the more advance level than to bow to convention. Therefore at tonight's game session, I am going to tell my players they can level at the end of ever session. That way they will get to experience higher level stuff.

Yesterday I alsoread, Rob Donague's post about RPGs should be hard. He discusses that gamers only enjoy things they have to work for. Does changing the dynamic of experience points make the game too easy? Does it ruin their experience at the table? I guess we will find out.