Josh Con 2 Post Mortem

As another year passes, as does my birthday and with it another Josh Con. This one managed to be a lot bigger than last years. I managed to fit 25 people in my house at the peak and since I have a multi-level house, it worked. I managed to invite a number of designers as well and they each ran their games.


Melissa and I picked up Ryan Macklin at the airport around 1. While we were there, a friend of mine, Jesse Hafemeister made a massive batch of chili and was assisted by Garret Narjes. Jesse offered to take the day off and make chili for everyone, who am I to refuse? Ryan was amazed at the cold and snow. We made it back to the house without losing him to hypothermia, which is always a positive, when someone visits the frozen north of Minnesota for the first time. Ryan wanted to freshen up a bit, so the rest of us played Dominion and helped where we could on Jesse's chili. A majority of the guests didn't show up till 6pm, so a number of hands of Dominion were played.

After they arrived, we ate and bullshitted for a while. When we finally broke up, Jeremy Keller ran a group for Chronica Feudalis. A game he wrote that has been getting a lot of attention lately. I took the rest and ran a game of Dread, centered on a family cruise gone horribly wrong. There was a Power Grid going on in the basement which I heard about but didn't get down to see how it went. Those games took most of the evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. After those finished up, some people had to leave, but Ryan offered to run a game of Don't Rest Your Head and who are we to refuse. There wasn't enough room, so I bowed out. Everyone played children stuck in the Mad City, it was really awesome. I decided to catch some sleep, but i heard in the morning that a science experiment occurred at 230am, where my wife boiled water and threw it outside which was in the negative teens to show Ryan how cold it really was.


It started with pancakes. Seth Nelsen offered to come over with homemade batter and kielbasa. Again, all this generosity, you would think it was my birthday or something? The day started out right is all I can say. People broke off and played some boardgames, I played Tribune which is a great worker placement game. About 1pm, everyone showed up and since I have four levels to my house, we had four games going on. Dan Bayne ran his hard boil detective RPG, Keller ran another game of Chronica Feudalis and two boardgames went down. I played a boardgame that Jeff Tidball worked on and brought, Chaos in the Old World. A game that each power is asymmetrical, but I enjoyed the hell out of it. Macklin won playing Khorne and figured out his race out before the rest of us.

While we gamed, my wife made a batch of S'more cupcakes and finished making the pulled pork. We took a break halfway through the game and ate. That was some good eats. Chronica Feudalis and Chaos finished about the same time, so Ryan offered to run his game, Mythender and as the host, I played the God that everyone got to kill. We even had spectators, I guess instead of spanking the birthday boy, people wanted to stab him in the eye. Oh well, it worked!

There was a bit of a lull after that which was filled with a game of Fury of Dracula and a game of Penny for My Thoughts. I played in the Dracula game after wanting to play it for a couple years now. Neat little game, even if the combat seemed to be a bit wonky. I managed to kill Dracula as Dr. Van Helsing which is the way it should be, damn it.

Then at nine o'clock, the game that everyone wanted to be in kicked off. Ryan Macklin ran a game of Dresden Files RPG which was amazing. I really enjoyed what I could out of the game, even though most of us were dead on our feet. Jeremy Keller took off since he had to drive 30 minutes to get home and was afraid he might fall asleep at the wheel. The game ended on a cliff hanger but so do the Dresden Files books, so it was in theme. Overall, I really enjoyed the weekend, most likely the best birthday celebration I have ever had.

Designers in Attendance

Ryan Macklin, Jeremy Keller, Dan Bayne, Jeff Tidball


  • Jesse Hefmister--> huge pot of chili for everyone on Friday night
  • Seth Nelson--> pancakes, kiebasa and bacon on Saturday morning.
  • Wife--> kick ass s'more cupcakes.
  • Myself--> pulled pork sandwiches


  • Everyone chipping in to make this a birthday to remember.
  • Ryan Macklin's visit and running a game where I died.
  • Trying a number of games I have never played before.
  • Science experiment, 'nuff said.


  • I spent too much time worrying about other people's fun. I need to remember that everyone can watch their own fun.
  • Basement was cold, need to get a space heater for down there.
  • Going to bed and missing the science experiment.