Re-wrote my events for Con of the North.

Well, I should have let my wife look at the events before I submitted them to the blog-o-sphere and to CoN website. They had typos and the second one didn't make sense. They have been updated. Here they are.


Title: The Shadow Out of Memory

Game: A Penny for My Thoughts

Description: You were discovered in the aftermath of a great battle against a terrible unknown beyond the understanding of normal men with no memory of yourself intact. Fortunately, there is the Orphic Institute for Advanced Studies whose break-through research into memory recovery has donated their time to helping you. The real problem is whether you want to or not. This is a story game with hints of Cthulhu in which players take the roll of amnesiacs recovering from an incident. Mature only.

Timeslot: Requested: Friday 6-10


Title: The Silver Sparrow

Game: Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies

Description: A crash landing has you stranded on what appears barren sky island, or is it? An ancient treasure from a dead kingdom may lead to salvation. Do you have the courage to use it? You know any kingdom in the Skies will kill for the artifact, so where do you go from here? Enter the world of swashbuckling, pirates, skyships and 7 Skies. A shared narrative RPG based on the PDQ system.

Timeslot: Requested: Saturday 10-2