Difficulties with ADD and Personal Challenge.

Some of you may not know the fact that I truly enjoy having Attention Deficit Disorder. It gives me the ability to switch tasks at work on a dime and lets me think sometimes more quickly than my mouth can handle. I get tongue-tied on a regular basis. But there is one problem that I have when it comes to games, there are too many of them. I recently got the Eberron Campaign Guide and realized I want to run a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons game. Well, I am slated to run S7S next which I am also looking forward to. That's the problem with liking so many different games and having my condition. I tend to start campaigns, but never finish them because I want to move on the next game.

Here is my own personal challenge and I would like someone to help me. I would like to run a campaign game that lasts six months and stick to it. Hey, baby steps, I don't want to fail so I best start small. That is my personal challenge. I don't know what game I will use for this, but I will keep this blog posted as to my progress and when I get a chance to GM again.