Intimidated to run a game?

Recently, a GM that I had quit running Burning Wheel because he felt he wasn't doing it justice. I enjoyed the hell out of playing in his game, but he said he feels he is constantly under prepared to run the game. Interesting in that most of the players felt similar to I and enjoyed it; but if he wasn't enjoying and it was bothersome to get the game ready, then by all means he should stop running it. Then it so happened, I was cruisin' the wonderful forums of, when I came across a thread about Games that scare you?. The thread hit a cord with me, especially since the recent happenings with my Burning Wheel game. I want to go on the record saying there are and have been games which I felt a little daunted to run. Burning Wheel is one of the ones that scare a tad. I will run it sometime, simply because I am a firm believer in what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

One of the things that is interesting to me, is as a player I enjoy a crunchy game as much as a light one, but as a GM I like light ones better. Maybe it is due to my time constraints. It could even be do to my ADD. Be that as it may, I plan on running crunchy games from time to time. This will force me to get better at them and get over my intimidation.

For those that don't know, I lift weights. One lift that I don't like or at least didn't; is squats. It is lift primarily for legs, but tends to bring your whole body into the movement and so it is easy to get tired. Well, someone told me the benefits of the lift and I kept doing that lift until I liked it. Now, it is one of my favorite lifts, unless I am injured which is the case now.

I am not good enough to run that game. Bullshit. I am not going to do the game justice. Hogwash. If one doesn't try things that push themselves, they will not get better. I tend to be the best GM possible and to do that, I need to get better. I plan on doing some time with more complicated games. I suggest you do to.