Gaming for Me, History Part 3

Well, after I sold my 2nd edition stuff, I bought hard into Deadlands, now called Deadlands Classic, since Savage Worlds wasn't out yet. Played that for sometime, but I still missed fantasy RPGs. Well, as it so happened, during this time, I moved out of my Father's house and into some college friends place. They bought into 3E and showed me the book. I was like WOW. This is a really neat game. Especially since the OGL and White Wolf put out the first monster book before even a Monster Manual. I thought that was interesting. Well, that got me into 3E.

After some time, I got a job with IBM in Rochester MN, which would be a completely different gaming scene from Rapid City, SD. A lot smaller, even though it is close to the Twin Citites. I met some gamers in Rochester and went to my first GenCon. I got involved with; especially helping set up interviews for Mortality Radio. That was before this neat podcasting craze.

Then I met my future wife. She was a gamer, she loved to play Dungeons and Dragons. I took her to GenCon., our first vacation with her and our room flooded. This was when GenCon was still in Milwaukee and there wasn't a lot of rooms available, we skipped home after our second day.

I met a guy who worked for Necromancer Games, Kevin Walker. He helped me get in with Necromancer Games for a bit and do some editing for them. But, that was when I was getting burned out with 3E.

So, I started looking at some games outside of that. But, then the World of Warcraft haze hit. I use haze because that was what that time was like. I even got my wife addicted to it as well. During that time, I did little role-playing but I started into some boardgames. I loved Settlers of Catan and Carcassonne. It was also during that time I took a job in the Twin Cities and that opened up a large number of potential gaming venues for me. WoW was still my wife and I's life. Which, looking back, is sad.

My wife got pregnant. How did that happen? If I have to explain that, well, seriously get back to school. We both quit WoW at that point simply because we were unable to keep the addiction at bay. I got into a 3.5E game so that I could still have my fantasy fix, but not be as crazy as a raiding guild of WoW.

All the rules lawyering and down time led me to realize I really didn't like d20 in general. It wasn't only the game, it was the people that played it. I learned that I wanted something more. This led me to my first Indy game, Spirit of the Century and all it's awesome. It also got me through some troubling time as my daughter was born three months early and so I was at the NICU and needed something to read. Thanks Fred!

The rest is almost present. I have been in different groups and it has been an enjoyable ride. I joined the Twin Cities Eurogame Meetup for boardgames and the Minneapolis Roleplayers Meetup for RPGs. Met a ton of people and plan on meeting a ton more. Going to GenCon '09 as a vacation for me and my wife where I hope to meet more gamers and play some games I haven't before.