Trust and Gaming.

I listen to Fear the Boot. I have been backlogged on my podcasting so this is about an episode two back. Their episode was titled Mistrust at the Gaming Table.

During their recording of their episodes one of the guys tweets during it. I was on Twitter and I saw a call for what do you do if you don't trust someone at the gaming table. I piped up (read tweeted back)...

You shouldn't game with someone you don't trust.

I forgot about till I was listening to the cast while on my commute home and they brought up my tweet. Some agreed, some disagreed and some were indifferent, I recommend listening to the podcast.

I lost it when they said they had friends whom they would trust to watch their child, but didn't trust them at the gaming table. I laughed so loud the person in the car next to me probably thought I was having a coronary. They went on to talk about how they have a friend that has a full on desire to win every game put in front of him. My immediate thought was there are people out there that I trust to game with but would not trust to watch my daughter. They are not bad people, just unfamiliar with kids. I have yet to meet someone whom I would trust with my daughter's care but wouldn't game with. I know their rational behind it, it was just silly to me.

They brought up the point of the GM who creates a "Baron Van Badass" and one the players get a lucky hit and kill him. They believed that the GM should run with it and let him die. To counter that, I would recommend something that Chad Underkoffler's PDQ recommends, "Something Bad Happens" rule. If the GM has to due something like letting the big bad go so that his plot doesn't fall through, give the players something. The PDQ uses heroic points and if the GM invokes the "Something Bad Happens" rule, he gives each of the 2d6 of them. You could really do anything that recognized "the cool" the player brought to the table. Makes the sting a little less, while not necessarily derailing the story. The other option, is kill the bastard and have his 2nd take up the reigns as they suggested in the podcast.

I will not game with someone whom I don't trust. I stick by it, but there is varying degrees of it and frankly we all need to remember this is a game and the point is having fun. If you the group is cheating to the point that you are no longer having fun with it, you can always quit.