Keep Moving Forward

Tee other day I was playing a boardgame with some friends. It wasn't an overly complicated game nor was it super simple; all the same one of the guys playing took forever to make a move. He wanted to make sure he made the optimum move at any given time. This is almost impossible and takes copious amounts of time, ask any chess player. With chess though, there is no random elements to the game. Unfortunately for him, the game we played had random elements, which makes determining the best move, tedious at bet. Unfortunately for the rest of the players, myself included, he still tried.

The whole scene reminded me of a movie I was watch with my daughter, Meet the Robinsons. The main character had a saying, "Keep Moving Forward". I am not saying that my friend wasn't moving forward, but he suffered a bit from a condition known as "Analysis Paralysis". I just know it is a medical book somewhere. Where he wanted to make sure he was making the perfect move. It happens to the best of us at times but with some, it happens with a bit of regularity.

My philosophy has changed a bit over the years I have been playing games. I apply it to a lot of areas in my life, enjoying the journey is the more important then reaching the destination. That being said, I don't enjoy watching anyone with the deep seeded need to win at the expense to fun. Yes, I know that when my daughter gets old enough to play kids sports, I won't fit in with most parents. I saw that at the Easter Egg Hunt for my daughter's second Easter. Don't even get me started on that.

The other thing to think about is that the quicker you get done. the faster you can play another game. So people who keep thinking like they are determined to save the world with this move of a piece, need to think about the rest of us.

Some may ask how this applies to the role-playing game medium, besides the obvious when it's their turn in the round. Well, I have been in groups where the game has yet to be determined. With everyone afraid to pick a game cause it might be the wrong one or everyone wanting their own game due to it's apparent greatness. Well, I say to these people know, randomly pick one and play. We can always start another one if this one doesn't work out. Or better yet, we learn to appreciate the game we are playing as we play it.

Till then, Keep Moving Forward.