Gaming for Me, History Part 2

From that gaming group, I met some friends I know to this day. One of the friends introduced me to Star Wars RPG. I had never known about that game and I even questioned what the hell would you do? Luke destroyed the Death Star, didn't he? Little did I know at the time. I was at some point, kicked out of that group due to my age. It was really hard for them to relate when I am 15 and they are in the mid 20's and the GM was in his 50s. I bounced to a lot of groups during this time, playing whatever came my way, Champions, Chill and even the dreaded game of Rifts.

Then it hit, Magic The Gathering or some called it Magic The Addiction, a game so like role-playing and yet so different. Yeah, I know now it wasn't at all like role-playing but then, holy hell, I would argue with people. True role-playing fell to the wayside for this game. Granted we were all playing it wrong as the rule book in the alpha/beta release sucked. But hey, we were flipping cards and having a grand old time.

With the release of the second CCG by Wizards, Jyhad, I met Eric. My best friend to this day and the guy who during my first shot at DM-ing, decided to get drunk and make fun of me the whole time. The group I joined at the time was again older than I and they decided to play a joke on me. I worked on the adventure for two weeks to watch them destroy it in twenty minutes. To be far, I sucked as a GM so I don't hold it against them. I still hear from Eric, when he wants to get a rise out of me, "The cyclops and the portcullis". The unofficial title of my game. I was later asked to leave the group, similar reasons as before. The funny thing was after I left, a note went up at the local gaming store for another player, it was a half sheet of paper, with all the qualifications for the player. Some of the things I remember, must be over 18, must like cigar smoke and must not care if people drink at their games. There was also a number of years at gaming and such as well. I wanted to submit a resume.

I sold my MTG cards, including some rare pieces for money to go to prom. Interesting, what people priorities are at times. Even now, I think back and wish I would have picked up another job instead.

I continued to learn about GMing. I was collecting tons of Dungeons and Dragons books. All sorts of stuff, including all the Planescape, all Greyhawk and most of the Dark Sun stuff. I had all most of the main books and even had three copies of the PHB, in case people showed up who didn't have theirs. A six foot book shelf held that monstrosity. If you don't believe me, talk to Aaron over at; he knew me then. He hadn't even become nobleknight yet, I heard it on AIM when he came up with the title. Then the news of 3rd Edition came out.. I decided to sell everything since it wouldn't be worth anything when that came out.. Dumb, another in a long list of stupid ideas I did.