Various Game Ideas

Yeah, I know.. everyone was captivated by my story of gaming history. But, I wanted to get some random game ideas I had out, just to see what people think. The first two are a much more full idea in my head, the other are just some quick shots that I would like to run some day.

  • "Rope-A-Dope" in the Sky

    • Zeppelin travel is the way of the future, at least that is what the brochure said, for the maiden voyage of the Atlantic. To add even more excitement to the voyage from New York to London, a boxing match with the reigning world champion taking on a mystery challenger from Russia.
    • System : Spirit of the Century, duh!
  • Super Hero Mafia

    • The year is 1930. You and your friends are related or has connections with the Giardino Family along with being blessed with being more than human. The head of the family has recently been killed and his son wants vengeance. Will you and your friends join him in his vendetta or go the hard path of redemption.
    • System: Truth & Justice or Mutant City Blues
  • Quick Shots

    • A race of creatures that while sentient, the other races cherish something ( I don't know what) that is created when they die of old age. It is extremely valuable to the another race or races. Do they trade their dead off? Do they go to war with races that raid to steal their dead? How do they value their dead? What are done with them? Just an idea.
    • A post apocalyptic game where the world is run by vampires and humans become cattle. The party plays a group that wants to change the status quo. Maybe some vampires that understand that the human race is become extinct and needs the ability to grow again? Not sure, just something rattling in there.

These are just some ideas. Feel free to steal 'em or comment on them, if you will.