Gaming for Me, History Part 1.

Well, before I start, I should probably talk about my gaming history a little bit. I have been gaming for over twenty years. Damn, saying that makes me feel really old.

I "cut my teeth" as they say on a Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 1st Edition. I walked into the drama room at my Junior High and saw a bunch of kids rolling dice for their lunch hour. I stayed and watched becoming hooked as the story unfolded.

Altered Beast was my favorite game and I wanted to play a half-dragon. Little did I know I was ahead of my time with Dragonlance and 4th Edition both allowing that. The GM okayed it and I have a -6 AC to start the game and I had a breath weapon on level with a mature gold dragon. Did I mention that I was 12 at the time? We played for a bit for a couple of weeks and then I begged my mother to take me to the hobby shop to pick up my own books.

That is when I saw TMNT. I was like WHOA. It must be mine. I picked it up and started the process of making character upon character. It was cool, randomly rolling up what animal and then purchasing how human you were based on your BIO-E points, if I remember correctly. I liked the cheetah.

My parents were divorced and after a couple years, I moved back with my Dad. He lived next to an Air Force base, with airman that had a ton of free time and didn't mind gaming with a 14 year old. We would play from 7pm on Friday till midnight and then followed it up on Saturday, in which we would play noon to midnight. Damn, I miss those days. We played AD&D 2nd Edition and I was the youngest. Of course, I had to play an evil character and that didn't turn out so well for me.