Welcome to my blog. I have finally found a home for it. After much searching and debating, I have gone with GM with ADD problem, since that is primarily what I am - a GM - and I have a very nice case of Attention Deficit Disorder.

The reason for this blog is my wife. She has watched me buy role-playing games and board-games with almost reckless abandon at times. I want to run this game or play this one. Well, as a typical adult I don't have all the time that I would like to play all this games or the various campaigns I have in my head. Therefore, I have started this blog to get some of those ideas out to people that might be interested in playing them.

This blog will have stuff about my role-playing game life. It is also going to cover other topics that I am interested in. Whether it is the latest board game or a cool movie, I will discuss whatever I find shiny. Hope you enjoy your stay.